Outsourced Payroll & HR Services

outsourced payroll and bookkeeping services

Reduce overhead and improve efficiency by having Remote Quality Bookkeeping handle your company’s payroll services. Your business can save time and money by outsourcing payroll and administrative tasks to us, so your employees can focus on company growth and innovation. With regards to payroll, although you will be paying the payroll company for their services, you’ll be saving a ton of money overall. You won’t have to hire a dedicated employee to the task, which entails not only paying their salary, but also their benefits, which can be significant. Your time is more valuable planning the future of the company rather than processing payroll, paying the payroll taxes every month, and preparing payroll reports.

outsourced payroll and bookkeeping services

Payroll services can be a great help to start-ups and small businesses, as they make managing employee payments quick and easy. Payroll services provide reliable and secure payment processing, helping you meet your legal obligations. Small mom-and-pop businesses that need payroll and accounting integration could benefit most from working with a local bookkeeper. Travel is limited, and it’s a good way to keep money flowing in the local community. Bookkeepers can be more attentive when they know they’ll be seeing their clients face-to-face, so it may also encourage better service.

Avoids Mistakes

Whitinger & Company’s Bookkeeping and Payroll team provides efficient, accurate, and professional services that allow you to regain valuable time to focus on core business operations and growth. We use industry leading software, highly secure data transmission tools, and provide you with a team of professional bookkeepers and payroll specialists to support outsourced bookkeeping services your business. An outsourced accounting firm has the capacity to handle all of your business’s accounting and finance needs, not just payroll. This ensures an integrated approach that maximizes efficiency, avoids confusion between service providers, and enables your business to benefit from the support of experienced accounting professionals.

What is outsourced payroll services?

'Outsourced payroll' refers to a fully managed payroll service. This is where an organisation delegates all of its payroll operations to a full-service third party provider to manage on their behalf.

ADC Accounting offers top notch service with plenty of experience and a proven history of shared success with clients. Whether it is one or two options or a full service package, ADC Accounting will provide friendly and reliable customer service with flexible hours at very competitive rates. The payroll process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it occupies a lot of resources for a task that contributes little to your firm’s overall strategy. Our payroll processing team pays careful attention to detail and understands complicated tax legislation well. Outsourcing makes sense for businesses that don’t have staff with the time or experience to do payroll. In small businesses, one person typically performs both bookkeeping and payroll functions.

Achieving Accounting Excellence: Here’s Why …

We deliver custom accounting outsourcing services to accounting firms across the top 300 to meet the specific accounting needs of their clients; right from audit to pre-merger due diligence and more, we have it covered. The IRS has strict deadlines on when a small business has to submit their payroll taxes. If these deadlines are missed, late fees are tacked on, and these late fees aren’t a few dollars. In fact, the IRS reports that 40% of small businesses pay on average about $845 a year for late filings or for taxes that were filed incorrectly. A remote, expert accounting team often provides higher quality and deeper expertise than what you can get for the same price for an in-house employee.

  • Many companies can build an attractive website, but their product quality doesn’t always match.
  • As part of our outsource accounting service, we may provide you with a monthly financial statement from our system, which can give you the peace of mind you deserve by ensuring you have accurate and timely numbers.
  • Employers are responsible for accurately calculating the wages that should be paid to employees, ensuring that appropriate employer and employee taxes are withheld, and much more.
  • Back office accounting duties are quick to eat up your time – and let’s face it, you didn’t start your business so you could manage payroll.
  • With a quick phone call, you can get any tax questions answered so that you can get back to confidently running your business.

You didn’t go into business for yourself to become an expert in compensation, but you also don’t want to hire another full-time employee. Reduced operational cost is one of the most compelling reasons for outsourcing accounting and payroll functions. Compared to hiring full-time employees for these jobs, outsourcing them can be extremely cost-effective as companies can be spared from paying salaries and employer taxes. The services we provide help our clients reduce their administrative burdens and personnel costs, while also optimizing the efficacy of a variety of their tasks and functions. For more information about our organization, please visit

Keeps Your Employees Paid on Time

However, hiring in-house staff is not the most practical option for small businesses and startups. Having an employee on their regular payroll can cause a serious hike in their expenses. For such businesses, a much more ideal and affordable solution could be to outsource. According to Forbes, outsourcing accounting and payroll functions not only makes a business cost-effective but also offers numerous other advantages that can keep it competitive and efficient.

outsourced payroll and bookkeeping services

Every year, we read dozens of tax laws, and we can get necessary paperwork from individual employees if necessary. With a payroll outsourcing company on your side, you can take changes in technology and laws in stride while keeping your focus where it matters. The payroll tasks outlined above can represent a real time suck for businesses.


Is Your Business Income Subject to Self-Employment Tax?

Interest is charged on outstanding payments from the original due date to the date paid. We’re here to help demystify California self employment taxes so that you can focus your energies on growing your business instead of worrying about your tax return. The law in this area remains uncertain, particularly with regard to capital-intensive businesses.

Is Your Business Income Subject To Self

Remember, there are strict conditions to be met for most of these deductions. For example, home office deductions require that you use part of your home regularly and exclusively for your business. This enables you to partly deduct utility bills, insurance, and other related costs against your self employment income. Misrepresenting facts when claiming tax deductions in your return will likely trigger a 1099 audit. As previously discussed, this includes your Social Security and Medicare taxes. Those who are self employed need to cover the entire 15.3% of these taxes in addition to paying the normal income tax rates.

Paying self employment taxes in California

Furthermore, if you earn at least $400 a year from your business, you’ll have to pay self-employment (SECA) taxes. In essence, self-employment taxes are like the employer-employee-based FICA taxes, but SECA taxes are imposed on folks like you who are in business for themselves. For sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies, the self-employment taxes are imposed on your net self-employment income, which basically is just your business income reduced by your business deductions. General partners pay SE tax on all their business income from the partnership, whether it’s distributed or not. Limited partners, however, are subject to SE tax only on any guaranteed payments for services they provide to the partnership.

While an S-corporation may save you in self-employment taxes, it may cost you more than it saves. As with larger corporations, an S-corporation has both start-up and ongoing legal and accounting costs. In some states, S-corporations must also pay additional fees and taxes. For example, in California, an S-corporation must pay tax of 1.5 percent on its income with a minimum annual amount of $800. When you are self-employed you aren’t likely to receive a W-2 from an employer like you would if you were an employee.

Expert does your taxes

The most common forms of business are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and S corporation. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a relatively new business structure allowed by state statute. Visit the Business Structures page to learn Is Your Business Income Subject To Self more about each type of entity and what forms to file. If you owe self employment taxes in California, you’re typically going to make estimated quarterly tax payments based on the best guess of your annual income for the tax year in question.

  • Multiplying that by 92.35% gives you $27,705 as your income subject to self employment taxes.
  • The threshold amounts are $250,000 for a married individual filing a joint return, $125,000 for a married individual filing a separate return, and $200,000 for all others.
  • Limited partners, however, are subject to SE tax only on any guaranteed payments for services they provide to the partnership.
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For additional information, refer to the Instructions for Form 8959, Additional Medicare Tax and Questions and Answers for the Additional Medicare Tax. You may need to pay self-employment tax if you’re a freelancer, independent contractor or small-business owner. Here’s what self-employment tax is, how it works and how you can save. This may influence which products we review and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Deductions are a great way to reduce your overall tax bill but it’s important to be mindful of what you’re claiming.